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Understanding And Overcoming Neuralgia - Neuritis - Painful Nerves

Neuralgia and neuritis often are applied to practically the same condition. The symptoms of the two may be very similar and a distinction between the two may be difficult. I shall attempt to state the difference.

'Neuralgia is an acute, more or less violent pain along the course of a nerve, more or less spasmodic in nature, induced by some irritation of the controlling center of the nerve and not accompanied by any actual inflammation. Instead of pain there may be numbness. Neuralgic pains are relieved by pressure. Neuralgia is not a specific disease, but is usually a symptom of some other abnormality. Numerous conditions seemingly act as predisposing or exciting causes. Among these are heredity, anemia, exposure to cold and dampness, injury, infectious fevers, metallic poisons, alcohol, tobacco in any form, gout, diabetes and disorders of the central nervous system; over-fatigue or worry and mental depression, also any depressing mental emotion may be responsible for its appeara…